PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-Malawi’s multi-award winning gospel choir Great Angels shook South Africa on Monday when they staged an electric performance at an almost 100 000 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’ congregated church in Pretoria, South Africa.

The 17-member choir is in South Africa at the invitation of renowned preacher Prophet Shepherd Bushiri to perform in his church and also be part of ECG leaders’ several charity events.

Their performance during the Monday night Diplomatic Service was electric and superb—leaving South Africans awestruck at the apparent level of choirs’ energetic stage antics and display.

It was not just South Africans who could not keep their backs on the wall—even Prophet Bushiri, too, joined the fray revealing the magical dancer in him.

Thousands that attended the church—plus millions more that connected to service through Prophetic Channel and various social media outlets—really had a fair share of fun watching Prophet Bushiri jiving to traditional beats from Malawi.

The choir performed seven songs and later turned the stage into a cultural evening when they performed various traditional dances of Malawi.

It was a surprising to see Prophet Bushiri proving masterly of Malawi’s key traditional dances when he produced amazing moves of dances such Beni and Mganda.

In his speech, Great Angels leader Ephraim Zonda thanked Prophet Bushiri for the experience and honoured him for his heart of supporting local bands.

“Let’s face it: Who would bring such a big band to South Africa—pay for travels, meals and accommodation? Who would do that? We thank God for Major 1 and we are certain that God will never stop to increase him,” he said.

During his sermon, Prophet Bushiri described Great Angels as Malawi’s giants of gospel music and, again, he enjoys and follows their music.

Great Angels Choir started in 1984 as a church choir within the Church of African Presbytery (CAP). In the year 2000 the Choir started thinking of releasing an album and in 2005 the first album called Mundifungatire was released.

The album has 10 tracks and was produced by Joseph Tembo. In 2006, the Choir released DVD of Mundifungatire album. On the market Mundifungatire sold only 30,000 tapes.

In 2007 the Choir released another album called Gwireni Dzanja which also has 10 tracks. Gwireni Dzanja sold more than 120,000 in both tapes and CDs. A DVD was later released. Gwireni Dzanja became a household name with hit tracks such as Paine Ndekha Sindingathe.

In 2010 the Choir released another album called Ndiyende Bwanji which propelled it to national fame. This fame soon spread out to other neighbouring countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and South Africa. This album sold more than 280,000 copies including DVD and CD. The album has famous songs in the likes of Ndisiyeni Ndiyende, Sindipita, and Hamba.

In 2014, Great Angels Choir released yet another album called Mwasankha Ine and it sold more than 70,000 copies within the first 2 months. In total the album has sold more than 300,000 copies.

Mwasankha Ine has been the best-selling album between 2014 and 2016, and subsequently saw the Choir receiving awards from Luso TV and Africa Youth Network.