By Alick Junior Sichali

Students from public and private universities in the country say they want Saulos Chilima to contest in 2019 tripartite elections and they have vowed to support him.

They said this in Blantyre during an interface meeting the pro-Chilima grouping had with students from Polytechnic, Chancellor College, Health Science and College of Medicine.

Chairman of the students, Juston Bulawula, said students in the country are not happy with the worsening unemployment rate.

Bulawula thinks the youths have solutions to some problems haunting them but are denied a chance to participate in governance issues.

“We are not happy with the current administration they are not giving us chance of holding higher government positions in various department despite having the requirements it is for this reason we want Saulos Klaus Chilima to contest in 2019 elections,” Bulawula said.

On his part, guest of honor at the interface meeting, Allan Ngumuya, said the development shows that people in the country are not happy with the current administration.

“People are tired with this administration and coming of the students to ask the veep to represent them is a clear indication that they want change,” Ngumuya said.

Ngumuya further said time has come for the youths to be given higher positions as one way of curbing some of the challenges the country is facing.

The development comes as some people in the country are asking the vice president to contest in next year’s tripartite elections.