LILONGWE-About 40 metric tones of graphite samples is expected to ferried to Canada for test in the on going Malingude Graphite Project in the western side of the capital Lilongwe.

The test results will determine the quality of the product and its possible markets once the the mine starts operating in 2010.

The project is towards the end of exploration stage where by eight sites have been drilled for sample collection.

The visit to the site on Wednesday showed drilling equipment on the site collecting samples for possible exportation to Canada.

Country Manager for Sovereign Services Limited, Andries Kruger said exploration is  towards the end  where samples are being collected.

Kruger disclosed that about 40 metric tones of graphite samples will be exported to Canada for text by November this year.

He therefore disclosed that the quality of graphite at all eight sites drilled is outstanding despite low volume expected to be extracted.

“Exploration started in 2012 which by end of this year, we might be done. We expect to export about 40 tones of graphite samples in Canada for test. This will give us the scope project on type of machines need to be used, type of market and the quality of the product.

“The mine isn’t that big as we expect extract 440,000 tones per year once we start mining in 2020. The Mine will last about 17 years once the work starts,” discloses Kruger.

Communities expressed  satisfactory on the project phases transparency that are being communicated every bit of it.

Affected families have been already given disturbance allowances per farm-drilling hole ranging from MK70,000.00 to MK150,000.00.

“We are so far satisfied with the openness has been demonstrated in this project. We have also received our disturbance allowances. We expect the same when project starts,” lauded Siginlala Hosman.

Gibson Nyirenda, Senior Mining Engineer in the department of mine, expressed gratitude over transparency the project’s phases.

The Malingunde Graphite Project is one of the country’s mining which will be located approximately 15 kilometers (km) southwest of the capital Lilongwe.

At the hem of Traditional Authority (T.A) Masumbankhunda, the project is under feasibility studies to determine the viability of a Graphite mine.

Currently, Sovereign Metals Services is also conducting an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA), as a requirement by the Environment Management Act (No 19 of 2017).