The Malawi Police in Mangochi have arrested three people suspected to have a hand in the murder of Harry Yiannakis, a Greek farmer, in May this year.

In an interview, Mangochi Police Station spokesperson Rodrick Maida said the three were arrested on separate occasions, last month and this month, with the help of community members.

He said the three have, however, cooperated with the police in providing useful information that may lead to the arrest of the other two suspects.

“However, for fear of jeopardising our investigations, we cannot mention the names of the suspects, but we are tracing the two suspects. We are optimistic that we will find them no matter what it takes,” said Maida.

The officer said details of the case will be put together once all the suspects have been arrested.

Yiannakis, 62, was the owner of Tambala Estate in Masuku, Traditional Authority (T.A)Bwananyambi in the district. He was attacked by five armed men who also stole K14 million.