Chimwe Mwenyemasi: back from China

BLANTYRE-(Maravi Post)— Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi, one of the 2016 Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Innovations Award winners, says the skill that he acquired in China during his one-month education visit, will enable him set-up a big shoe manufacturing company that will create employment for youth people in the country.

Mwenyemasi said this Thursday on arrival at Chileka Airport from China, where he undertook capacity building training of small and medium sized enterprises for developing countries, which was sponsored by the Chinese Government.

Speaking on the national broadcaster, MBC TV, that was monitored by The Maravi Post, Mwenyemasi said China offered him insight on how he can improve his small-scale business of shoe manufacturing.

Mwenyemasi, who was enrolled in the small-scale capacity building capacity program, said the technical expertise that he gained while participating in the program, sharpened his skills, and brought a lot of insight for improving his business.

“China is a country that has vast experience in as far as technical expertise is concerned. They gave me an opportunity to display my shoe-making skills, and they were very impressed. In just a month, I can say that I have learned a lot. I salute the MBC for making the dream of going to China come true,” Mwenyemasi said.

Mwenyemasi said he purchased a shoe-making machine that will change and bring ease to the production methods, especially moving from manual to machine style production. He said the technical colleges that the government is establishing, are a very good initiative, because through them, young people will have the opportunity therefrom to go into entrepreneurship, and contribute to the development of the country.

He added that youths should patronize them; and further offered his availability to teach at the colleges.

Public Relations Officer for MBC, Thembie Malinki, welcomed Mwenyemasi upon arrival and said that the Corporation will continue to honour its promise to send the awardees on an international trip that would add value to their business enterprises.

Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi is the first awardee of the 2016 MBC Innovations Awards to travel to China this year.