Elijah Phompho, MEC Stringer

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) parliamentary aspirant for Chikwawa South Constituency  Iryas Abdul Karim has deplored politics of castigation and hatred which he said has resulted to acts of violence perpetrated by  supporters of both opposition MCP and the governing DPP in the constituency.


Karim’s remarks comes amid reports of political violence that occurred last weekend between  his MCP followers and his ruling DPP contender Gerald Vyora.


However both  Gerald Vyora and Iryas Karim  have accused each other of instigating the violence between their supporters who have been removing each others party flags.


On surtady followers of MCP and DPP engaged in heavy fight   at Sangwe Trading center when the MCP intended to convene a political rally which was called off. During the  commotion five MCP women sustained serious injuries including an elderly woman who fainted in the process and had to be rushed to a near by Sojen Health Center for medical assistance.


/During an interview Iryas Karim who is the out going parliamentarian for the area blamed his competitor Gerald Vyora of DPP for practising politics of castigation and hate speech which is  instilling anger among their supporters.


Karim added that during the violence some DPP supporters broke a windscreen for his car.


“F.or quite some time now our friends from the DPP have been practising politics of racial and religious discrimination. They have been calling me several names during their rallies instead of articulating issues on the podium. This a worrisome development”,said Karim.


However during an interview  Gerald Vyora denied being  racially sensitive in his speech during  political rallies saying it is Karim who has been calling on people in the constituency not to vote for him as he doesn’t stay in the constituency.


On removing of party  flags Vyora said  an MCP supporter Davie Kamonjora provoked the situation when he manhandled his supporter Matthews Goje accusing him of removing an MCP flag leading to the fracas.


On his part Senior Group Village Nyambiro whose area the fracas took place has urged candidates of both parties to urge their supporters to tolerate one another and conduct their campaign peacefully.