MCP Diaspora Network condemns the actions by some DPP Operatives in stopping the leader of Opposition R.t Hon Dr Lazarus Chakwera attending a Gonapamuhanya function in Rumphi.

Malawi Congress Party

Information that is just reaching the MCP Diaspora Network, indicates :  The Malawi leader of Opposition, R.t Hon Dr Lazarus Chakwera this morning was prevented from attending a Gonapamuhanya function in Rumphi by some disgruntled youth belonging to the Ruling Party, under who’s direction? we don’t know.

But from all angles, this is sad and it’s a direct attack to our democracy.  The DPP leadership  should be ashamed for allowing this type of behaviour  in our country. The Ruling Party is supposed to set a good example of not leading the country to a path of destruction. Over the past weeks, some of the  rhetoric by some  senior DPP officials has been despicable and embarrassing especially coming from people who call themselves government.

Man who came to see the Malawi leader of Opposition hacked by DPP thugs

The MCP Diaspora Network boldly condemns any form of actions that are aimed at dividing the Malawian people, every Malawian has the right to attend any event or any meeting in our country without being harassed, this is our Malawi not DPP’s Malawi. This is why the new and reformed Malawi Congress Party is  promoting a better and prosperous Malawi for all.

One Malawi, One Nation,  One Vision, this is what we believe in.

Those that are trying to divide us should be ashamed and should know their time is up.

This article was last modified on October 4, 2017, 11:53 pm

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