By Alick Junior Sichali

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Blantyre district chair lady,Roseby Dinala on Wednesday celebrated her birthday with party’s Vice President Wife, Abida Mia calling youths to participate in politics with the aim of developing their areas.

The former district chair lady made the call at her birthday party in Blantyre which was organised by the party’s youths in the southern region.

Dinala said was humbled with the support she has been receiving from MCP and urge the members to not stop showing the good will to other people saying the spirit of helping one another is what MCP advocates for in the country.

Dinala advised the youths to take leading roles in politics so that they help in curbing socio-economic challenges affecting the country.

“I should say that am humbled for the support you have shown to me despite I stopped active politics, to be honest with you MCP is always at my heart I can tell you that during my time even now DPP officials have been asking me to join their party but I have refused because I love MCP.

“what I can advice the youths of today is that you should be proactive in politics and take higher positions with the aim of developing areas your coming from, this is your time and if you take the higher positions you can provide solutions to the socio-economic challenges the country is going through,” Dinala said.

When asked about her thoughts in next year’s tripartite elections Presidential Candidate winner, the MCP icon confidently answered that the main opposition political party will be voted into power with no doubts.

On her part, wife to the Vice President of MCP, Abida Mia said it was important for the party to celebrate together with the MCP icon on her birthday attributing to the works she has done to make the party firm.

The wife to MCP Vice President further said Dinala has helped most of the party’s members to achieve their goals in their political career.

Abida Mia said the name of Dinala it is not a new name in the party as she has also headed higher positions like that of the district chair lady in Blantyre and also she has been in MCP’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

“The name Dinala is one of those Malawi Congress Party will never forget in its existence, Dinala has been a motherly figure to the youths and all members in the party whilst she was active in politics, with these reasons I felt it important to attend her birthday when I was invited by the party’s youths,”.

“Our southern region youths have shown a good spirit and for that I urge them to continue in supporting all long serving members of MCP because they kept the party firm to reach today,” Abida said.

Roseby Dinala was born on 8 August, 1938 and was one of the party members who welcomed Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda when he was coming to Malawi at Chileka airport.

Dinala has been a member of Malawi Congress Party for over 50 years as she joined politics in 1958 where she was working at aerial level in Blantyre.

The MCP icon resigned from her post in the National Executive Committee (NEC) in the recent party’s indaba but she has also worked at MCP’s Branch, and was selected to be Blantyre district chair lady in 1994