MCP locking Shire Valley doors with Presidential Runningmate Mia’s whistle-stops

By Leo Mkhuwala

The Shire Valley district of Nsanje was on Wednesday a place of extraordinary political attraction when huge crowds swarmed like bees to whistlestops which the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President, Muhammed Sidik Mia who is also the party’s Presidential Runningmate in the May 21 elections conducted in Nsanje Central and Nsanje Lalanje constituencies.

Hitting the ground at Kalumbi in Nsanje Central, Mia urged eligible voters that, come the polling day, they should get the inspiration from the Philosophy of Chakwera Super Hi-5 and  confidently cast their vote for the MCP winning team, which has the best agenda that, when  applied, will end the suffering of the majority poor especially those living in rural areas.

Mia who originates from the Shire Valley district of Chikwawa challenged the people of Nsanje that he knows the problems that the people face in their day to day life because he was born and raised in the same place.

Said Mia: “I know your hardships better than anyone else and when we embrace the servant leadership through the power of your vote, I will use such knowledge to end your suffering which everybody else has failed.

Addressing the crowds at  Mtondo ground at Nyamithuthu in the same constituency, the MCP Presidential Runningmate urged all registered voters to favour the youthful MCP Parliamentary Candidate, Kaffa Mandivana, a political leader who has demonstrated that he is capable of transforming the area to greater heights.

He also urged the voters to keep the uniformity by voting for MCP Ward Councillors with the God fearing leader, Lazarus Chakwera as President.

Among other promises, Mia said the MCP government will improve the welfare of traditional leaders and the poorest of the poor.

During the whistlestop’s last leg at Sorgin ground in Nsanje Lalanje, Mia urged the voters to entrust legislative leadership into the hands of MCP Candidate, Lawrence Sitolo whom they already trusted when they accorded him the historical win in the October 17, 2017 By-elections.