By Chalo Mvula

The opposition Malawi Congress Party has condemned the acts of violence that has seen a member of the party being harassed by DPP cadets for putting on MCP Party regalia. The incident was also caught on video and has since gone viral on social media.

The victim, 32 year old Fadwick Mukhiwa originally from Mandula village in Mulanje was attacked at Limbe Market where he trades his business of selling phone accessories.

In a statement made available to the media, the publicity secretary of the party Rev Maurice Munthali said “What we are seeing on the said clip is not only unfortunate, it is clear evidence that the Democratic Progressive Party condones and perpetrates violence. Malawians have known DPP as a Party that enjoys terrorism and social disorder”

It is alleged that the assault was led by well known DPP Cadet Issacn Jomo Osman who is known to be the owner of Ntopwa Super Eagles. In the video he can be seen , removing the party regalia from the victim while telling him not to wear that again “usadzavalenso”. Osman then went on to continue assaulting the victim by wrapping the party colours shirt around his head and swinging him around while telling the victim not to wear that again.

Malawi being a democratic country means people have the right to wear whatever they want and associate with any political party without intimidation from anybody . In his remarks Rev Maurice Munthali highlighted that

“Every citizen in this country must be allowed to exercise their freedom of choice, association and expression as provided for in our Republican Constitution. Nobody should stand in the way of such a provision in whatever manner, let alone by way of harassment. I am calling upon all members of MCP not be scared”

The Malawi Congress Party is calling upon our law enforcers, the Malawi Police Service, to exercise their powers and apprehend the culprit so that the law must take its course. There has been a number of incidents recently where the ruling DPP cadets have been accused of using violence to intimidate opposition members .The DPP spokesman was contacted to comment on the issue but has not yet responded.