MCP Veep Mia wishes Malawians Good Easter Celebrations

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President who is also the party’s running mate for the forthcoming tripartite elections on May 21 Sidik Mia, wishes Christians a happy Easter celebration across the country.


Below is the full massage made available to The Maravi Post;




Fellow Malawians,

On behalf of my wife, Abida Sidik Mia and my entire family, I write to wish you all fellow country men and women of Christian faith, a happy Easter season.


Sacred as this season is to Christians, I wish to advice fellow politicians and everyone to create a conducive environment for our brothers and sisters of christian faith to reflect on their spiritual lives without needless stress.


I therefore condemn in the strongest possible terms the continued assaults on the modesty of women holding contrary political views being perpetrated by ranking DPP Politicians.


First it was a Regional Governor at a rally presided over by the President himself. That particular person, as you know, was rewarded with a Deputy Ministerial Position.


After this presidential ‘reward’, DPP seniors have upped the ante, brazenly undressing, if I may use that word, our esteemed women.


I hope and pray that you the voters now realize the thinking and calibre of the people that surround President Mutharika and how he himself condones such sick, misguided and unexemplary behaviors with promotions.


My Fellow Malawians of Christian faith,

As you reflect on your spiritual lives, I call upon you to go deeper and reflect on our country.


What kind of leadership do we want to have next month?


A leadership which is indifferent to the sufferings of Malawians?


A leadership which can fold its arms when our sons and daughters with Albinism are being hunted, abducted, maimed and dismembered?


A leadership which is riddled with corruption?


A leadership which is feeding us lies that they have developed our country to the levels of Germany?


A leader who rewards those who insult our mothers and sisters?


My Fellow Malawians,

We have on offer, Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera for President next month, a man with the highest sense of integrity.


Through his well-thought out Hi5 agenda, Dr Chakwera is offering:


S – servant leadership

U – unite us,

P – prosperity for all and not only for some

E – ending corruption and

R – rule of law,


beginning immediately after you vote for him and MCP Parliamentarians and Councillors.


Dr Chakwera is determined to reboot the system and #BuildANewMalawi, a Malawi which is better for everyone.


My Fellow Malawians of Christian Faith,

Don’t the scriptures say that people rejoice when the righteous rule? We have on offer the man of God, Reverend Chakwera, full of integrity; ready, steady and able to lead us if we have really resolved to start afresh.


I therefore implore you to vote for Dr Chakwera as our next president.


Once again, I wish you all the best as you reflect on your spiritual life as well as the future of our country.


Sidik Mia

Devout Muslim