By Leo Mkhuwala


The grounds of the near-Mozambique- boarder-zone of Nkumanidza in Chikwawa- Mkombedzi constituency had over the last weekend shook from the train of  stomping feet of excited mammoth crowds that registered in for the mover and shaker top notch politician Muhammed Sidik Mia on a sacrifice mission.


Like bees, the constituents swarmed in to welcome the political giant and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Vice President, who had positively responded to their call that, he should sacrifice his wife, Abida Mia to  the servant leadership of the area’s legislature.


Business came to a complete standstill when Mia alighted from the convoy in the company of his business expert and high spirited charitable wife who, a few weeks ago, had won the MCP primaries unopposed.


Said Mia: “My acceptance that my wife should represent you as Member of Parliament (MP) is a demonstration of love and sacrifice that I have for this constituency.”


Mia hinted that, while he was busy with his office of the MCP Veep, his wife was also an accomplished and successful business woman who could easily turn down the calls of the people become their MP.


“But humble as she is,” Mia said and continued: “She has accepted to bail you out of your indescribable misery and here she is ready to stand for you and by you.”


The political heavyweight grabbed the opportunity to express disappointment over the apparent stagnating development in the area in a just a period of four years since his announcement to retire from active politics.


Just to mention a few, during his tenure as MP for Mkombedzi, Mia had drilled a total of 495 boreholes with more than 80 percentage dysfunctional in the 4 year period which  the current DPP Member of Parliament has been in office.


In the period,  infrastructure projects like construction of school blocks, teachers houses, bridges and roads have either stagnated or worsened.


Mia also unveiled

the MCP Shadow Councillor for Mikalango Ward, Dallas Ngabu.


Other notable figures who graced the occasion was legislature for Chikwawa South, Iryas Karim and the MCP Parliamentary Candidate for Blantyre-Kabula Constituency, Miguel Elias.