By Falles Kamanga

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah on Monday told the nation that she was not ready to resign unless the court finds her guilty on any wrong doing.

Ansah therefore has accused Malawi Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and political parties of being judges when are not.

The MEC chair told Zodiak TV that the matter is in court arguing that demonstrators should wait court proceedings.

She therefore said was ready to give evidence in court pertaining to all queries regarding to elections case.

“Tippex is trade and is correction fluid. Whether Tippex was used for the positive or negative course, it’s a matter of the court to decide,” says Ansah.

As much as we cant be all us lawyers and judges on Dr. Ansah’s  response to the purportedly “electoral fraud” its just a brat lies.

She just need to be honest with the nation and resign honorably than the drama and contradiction she keeps on the making.

Just for instance;  The MEC Chairperson says that rulings of the High Court on electoral disputes are final and not appealable. YET the MEC legal team was today at the Supreme Court of Appeal to appeal the High Court’s latest ruling on electoral disputes.

Ansah says rigging was not possible because the Commission’s processes were watertight. YET she also said correction fluid found its way onto results sheets to make alterations despite that fluid not being supplied by the Commission or being part of its supposed impenetrable process.

The MEC Chairperson says that Malawians should wait for the Constitutional Court to weigh the evidence and complete its proceedings in order to learn the truth about the electoral process and results. YET the MEC legal team is twisting itself into contortions to block the court from weighing the evidence and completing its proceedings

Once again, Ansah must resign for her integrity.


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