By Joshua Mphanda, MEC Stringer


The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has stepped up its efforts in the sensitization campaign for the voter registration phase 3 due to start on 30th July in Lilongwe by organizing road shows and football bonanzas.

MEC has been conducting dramas, traditional dances,  distributing t-shirts, school bags, caps and leaflets in Lilongwe just to entice people to register and vote in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Speaking in an interview at Msozi South in Lilongwe,  Commissioner Reverend Clifford Baloyi said they decided to fuse the sensitization campaign with different cultural elements to ensure all manner of people are able to get the message.

“This is not the first time we have done this. We did this in phase 1 and 2, now we are doing it also in phase 3 and we have been giving out even prizes to various people who are successful in our quiz and debates,” said Baloyi.

Baloyi also appealed to people to register en masse and exercise peace in the voter registration campaign due to start on Monday, 30th July in both Lilongwe district and Lilongwe City remarking; ” a responsible citizen votes and participates in development activities.”

Commenting on the matter, Regional Assistant Civic and Voter Education Officer  for the Centre, Emmanuel Mpambe lauded the efforts as successful following the mammoth crowds which have been appearing at MEC meetings.

“We are assured of a higher turn out  when registration starts here in Lilongwe because our civic education campaign has been effective as evidenced by the crowds attending our meetings,” said Mpambe.

The football Bonanzas which MEC has been conducting has seen winners pocketing as much as Mk50,000 while runners up have been getting Mk30,000 as a consolation prize.