President Peter Mutharika and Rival Atupele Muluzi Now Parners

The Ministry of Health and Population is aware that there are some allegations that some of its senior officials have benefited from the disposal of some of its motor vehicles. These allegations have been made on social media channels to include Facebook and WhatsApp with no supporting evidence or detail. They have also alleged that the Minister of Health and Population, Hon Atupele Muluzi MP was offered some vehicles in the transaction but had turned them down having noted the evils of the process, but that the Secretary of Health, Dr Dan Namarika had benefited from the sale of 6 vehicles at just 120,000 MWK each.

The Ministry of Health and Population would like to challenge these allegations. The Minister of Health and Population has never been part of any discussion regarding the disposal of vehicles, nor has he ever been offered the opportunity to purchase any vehicles through the disposal process.

The Ministry of Health and Population did dispose of a selection of vehicles early in 2018 following a committee based process that is approved by the OPC. These committee reviews the vehicles and makes a decision as to the value of maintaining certain vehicles as opposed to disposing of them through a public auction. The recommended vehicles are submitted to the Treasury who together with the Public Procurement and Disposal Assets, formerly ODPP, then inspect the vehicles before appointing an auctioneer to sell of the vehicles.

The Committee is made up of the following organisations:
National Audit Office
Accountant General

For more information you can contact the under signed on +265884495839 or Email
Joshua Malango

Principal Public Relations Officer
Ministry of Health and Population