Community Savings and Investment Promotion (Comsip) has quizzed Karonga District Council to account for K3.5million meant for formulation of Comsip groups under Livelihood and Skills Development Programme with funding from World Bank.

Speaking during an open day which was organized by Comsip groups Sunday, Chief Executive Officer for Comsip, Tenson Gondwe asked Karonga Council to account for the money which is believed to have been misused by the Council.

“We transferred K3.5 million through Karonga Council. The money was meant for the area development committees and extension workers to facilitate the formation of the groups June 2018 but we have learnt that the money has not been used for intended purpose.

“We are disappointed with the development and we will soon deploy auditors to engage the council in accounting for the money before the end of July 2018 before we disburse more money to the council for the exercise,” he pointed out.

Vice Chairperson for Karonga District Council, Councilor Patrick Chunda said he is yet to follow up on the issue with the secretariat.

Some of the activities which were supposed to be conducted included training beneficiaries of social cash transfer programme in business and financial management.

Comsip is being implemented in 11 districts across the country with the aim of embracing saving culture amongst beneficiaries of social cash transfer programme.