Chimunthu Banda 

NKHOTAKOTA-(MaraviPost)-The former Malawi Speaker of National Assembly Henry Chimunthu Banda who came back into front politics some months ago has put aside MK3 million for Nkhotakota North Constituency’s netball and football teams to battle it out

The tournament which is slated for Sunday, December 30, its part of Chimunthu Banda’s 56th birthday celebration.

In a brief statement made available to The Maravi Post, the former speaker who won the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) primary elections says after the tournament on Monday, December 31, he will host a feast for the constituents.

“And as part of Rt Hon Chimunthu Banda’s birthday celebration,  as well as celebrations of the festive season,  the former Speaker has organized parties for his constituents on Monday, 31st December 2018 in 4 zones where feasting shall include slaughtering a cow at each centre. The centers are Matiki FP School Kanyenda CDSS, Chanasto FP School & Khuyu FP School.

Chimunthu Banda back into front politics


“The following teams will play at the start of the MK3 Million Chimunthu Banda Cup. As part of the launch, the following teams drawn from Nkhotakota North Constituency shall play tomorrow, 30th December, 2018 at Ngala CDSD: In Netball, Challengers Sisters of Kanyenda vs Home Girls of Dwambazi while in Football, Mika FC of Mtupi vs Dwasulu Manchester, and Gormahia FC of Ngala vs City Rovers FC of Dwambazi. The games will start from 10.00 am,” reads the statement in part.


Chimunthu Banda who retired from from front line politics in 2014 after serving the constituency for 15 years bounced back amid romours that he may be President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate in the coming polls.