Central Region Chapter of Mlakho wa Alhomwe Saturday planted 1, 400 trees along Lilongwe River as a way of arresting environmental degradation due to rampant cutting of trees.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana) on the sidelines of the event, Central Region Chairperson, Frank Mazizi, said the grouping was concerned with use of trees to burn ovens, hoisting electricity poles and sand mining which has worsened environmental degradation.

“We all depend on Lilongwe River to give the city’s residents water throughout the year.

Overpopulation has led to too much pressure on few natural resources like trees, agricultural land and water.

“No wonder we have electricity challenges, dry taps and several diseases that have come as a result of negative human activity on nature,” Mazizi said.

He told Mana that Saturday was a national Mlakho wa Alhomwe tree planting day which has a target of planting 3 million trees countrywide.

Lilongwe chairperson for the group, John Chikakwiya, echoed Mazizi saying that the three acres land which was given by Lilongwe Water Board will be taken care of in order to have a high survival rate of the trees planted.

“We have employed ten people; six of whom are men and four women to continue watering the trees and provide security so that no physical damage of any nature to this land is caused.

“Apart from making this land green, we will assist in controlling erosion which is the worst enemy of agricultural activities and animals that live in water,” Chikakwiya said.

The event was also patronized by some prominent Mlakho wa Lhomwe trustees like, Llloyd Muhara who is also chief secretary to government and Professor James Seyani who is ex-national chair of Mlakho wa Alhomwe.

The function according to Mazizi was the first of its kind but would now talk place each and every year for the foreseeable future.