November 12, 2015, New York – Get ready to hit the mat once again as New York based Fashion One, the leading international fashion, entertainment and lifestyle network, brings back its popular health and wellness series, Model Yoga. From beginners to experienced practitioners, everybody can now enjoy a tailor-made yoga program that helps tone up the body, clear the mind and improve one’s soul.


Not everyone have the access to a fitness club everyday. Yoga is the perfect way to get in shape that can be carried out anytime and anywhere. The Model Yoga series consist of six (6) full-scale 30-minute classes that will cover topics from proper breathing to muscle strengthening, increasing flexibility to activating the chakras that are responsible for the sensual and creative center. Each episode features three varying levels of instruction – beginner, intermediate and advanced – conveniently set to create an extensive complete mind and body workout for every practitioner.



Joining this season is professional yoga coach Lawrence Jay. Yogi Lawrence Jay has been teaching yoga internationally for the past 8 years and is the founding teacher and co-owner of Urban Yoga in St. Petersburg, Russia. Assisting him are three international models Sasha, Tanya, and Zhenya where they demonstrate the proper techniques and conditioning needed for each exercise.  As an added bonus, get a glimpse on what goes on behind a professional photo shoot and listen to the models’ testimonials on how yoga is helping them keep in good shape and live a well-rounded life.


Find harmony in your life with the aide of Model Yoga Season 2. Premieres on November 30, and airing every Monday to Saturday at 8:00AM (GMT+2 in South Africa/GMT+1 for Nigeria and West Africa), and at 11:00AM in Mauritius, exclusively on Fashion One. Fashion One is available on StarSat (channel 283) and Zuku (channel 720). For Mauritius and Nigeria, the show is available at F.O. on Mauritius Telecom (Channel 71), Consat (Channel 235), and ACTV (Channel 400).   


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Episode Guide:


Episode 1

Devoted to inclusion, elaboration, alignment and tension of the anterior-posterior surface of the body. The focus is on breathing, press and muscles of internal organs.


Episode 2

Aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs, hips elaboration and work with the lower chakras.


Episode 3

The focus of practice is to work through the center, strengthening the abdominal lumbar and gluteal muscles as well as the inclusion of the Swadhisthana and Manipur chakras.


Episode 4

Dedicated to exercises with twisting. Twisting is needed to preserve flexibility and the health of the spine.


Episode 5

Aimed to develop the flexibility and strength of the back, on the alignment of the spine.


Episode 6

The emphasis is on the disclosure of the chest, activating the Anahata and Vishuddha chakras responsible for the sensual and creative center.