Hon Felix Jumbe
Hon Felix Jumbe

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost) – The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Salima Central Felix Jumbe who has been battling leader Lazarus Chakwera found himself seeking protection from the Malawi Police as he was warned that supporters of his party were hunting for him.

Under these difficult circumstances, the MP Jumbe was gracious enough to grant a frank interview to the Maravi Post where he told us that his many battles with Lazarus Chakwera have led to this.

When our reporter asked as to why things have gotten this bad, legislator Jumbe detailed his battles starting to when he challenged for the leadership of the party, accusations of being related to Mr. John Tembo who he denied being related to by blood but was helpful to him when he was young by providing him with tuition and mentorship.

The MP also told our reporter how he was recently removed from the Agriculture parliamentary committee where he was a chair.

However, as his battles with leadership worsened he was demoted to Defense committee where he is now just an ordinary member.The MP also told Maravi Post that he tried to mend fences by approaching Lazarus Chakwera, to iron out their differences, instead he was treated as If he was at the principal’s office and was dressed down together with others.

He believes Lazarus Chakwera is not FREE as a leader. “He is in a cage”, said Jumbe when pressed on this point, he told the Maravi Post that he is like a chicklets failing to break out of his shell.

Asked if he intends to challenge Lazarus Chakwera again he said it is not for him to say. If people demand of him he might consider it. However, he said democracy demands that there is not life Presidency not even in the MCP.

Therefore, if a challenger does come, he should be allowed to compete with Chakwera. Through this exclusive interview, lawmaker Felix Jumbe gives the genesis of the trouble is into now to Maravi Post (MP) reporter, Lloyd Mbwana in the capital Lilongwe.

Excerpts: MP: Honorable Jumbe, can you confirm to us that your house on Monday was under siege by misguided individuals. However upon arrival on your house, I am greeted by armed police officers. Can you confirm to us that its indeed, your life is in danger?

Felix Jumbe: It indeed I had to seek police protection after being tipped that some individuals who came to my compound in a minibus (about ten men) without a number plate. Two of them were identified as loyalist to Dr. Chakwera camp.

They were discussing how to destroy my property like the way they did to Dr. Jessie Kabwiras car. They were relocating my house as am not seeing in most public places. So, I couldnt take such a tip slightly but seeking a surveillance from the police to all my properties hence the presence of police officers here at home.

MP: Can you give us the genesis of all these incidences happening to your political life?

Felix Jumbe: Its a long story but will give a little bit of that. I just suspect when I went into active as being new and also coming from professional background. Prior to MCP Convention in 2013, I had an agenda of wealth creation for all which was well formulated with support from South Africa consultant.This agenda was a threat to other candidates ahead of the partys convention as they didnt have comparable agenda to talk. Even partys presidential debates, I emerged as the outstanding candidate. Adding the cake to my strength, The Daily Times Opinion poll of that time put me on the lead with 40% while the incumbent, Chakwera had 36%. Looking at that margin one could accumulate anger over my popularity.

Surprisingly, the convention put Chakwera as MCP President while I came the last which puzzled my intelligence. But Hon Tembo advised the incumbent to work closely with all aspiring party presidents as all of us we had wonderful agenda for MCP and the country. But that the advice wasnt taken in right manner as all of us are seen as labels of the leadership. Strategies were put to silence all of us. It happened that all of 12 candidates who competed with Chakwera apart from me are silent till now even things arent working in the party

MP: With due respect hourable Jumbe, you are just being stubborn and causing havoc to the party allegedly using The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) money offered. Do you have a hand in district chairpersons demands for the calling of MCP Convention?

Felix Jumbe: Honestly, I havent provided a service to these calls. Am just well connected to people as you I am a farmer. These district chairmen are just expressing their displeasure over the leadership then they need to be held if we need to move forward

MP: If MCP Convention was to be held today, will you compete against Chakwera?

Felix Jumbe: This question is very tricky in the sense that wont be answered properly as others might think that leaving Chakwera as such would be a sign of dictatorship while also competing against him will be taken as a label of the leadership. But the best way just put the flow for members to compete as tenancy of democracy demands.

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