SALIMA-(MaraviPost)-In the work of what he calls “cheap propaganda” from other quarters, Felix Jumbe has launched a challenging drive in Salima North Constituency amid campaign frenzy.

In his challenge he has set farming as a cataract for income generation and has set a 1 million target for farming families by the end of 2018/19 growing season.

Over the week, social media was awash with claims that Felix Jumbe has been earmarked as runningmate to renegade Vice President Chilima who ditched Democratic Progressive Party – DPP and formed United Transformation Movement – UTM.

Jumbe’s campaign for the 2013 MCP presidency was hinged on wealth creation through farming and the same was being purported to be his foil for the runningmate position to Chilima for the transformative era UTM promises.

“I have seen the posters and messages on Facebook and Whatsapp. This is the campaign period hitting up and propaganda like this from all quarters cannot be averted. I am not amused politically that they are linking me to someone who left our party (DPP). I am royal to the party and am not happy being linked to UTM,” explained Jumbe.

Asked why he has gone so quite over the period since announcing joining DPP in 2018, he indicated that he is now busy “domesticating” the wealth creation agenda in the constituency (Salima North).

“This is not time to politicize issues, I am busy working with people in Salima North domesticating the wealth creation agenda. Currently, I have already initiated a community bursary scheme for the area of Senior Group Saopampeni in TA Mwanza, assisted Lingadzi Farmers Corporative with access to certified seed and inputs, with assistance from TA Mwanza a location has been established at Thavite Trading Centre for a Health Centre cartering for the people from TA Makanjira, Mwanza and Khombedza.

“We have also set farming families challenge of a harvest work K1,000,000 from 3 acres of land. Some farmers have already grown crops like cowpeas, groundnuts, soya and rice. Other families have taken up a challenge of minimum of 10 mango trees per household. We want to transform the constituency economically without handouts and free items. The people have to adopt self-reliance in their economic activities,” he said.

Jumbe is known for his radicle ideologies in agriculture based economic transformation and over time he has been instrumental in formation and establishment of Farmers Union of Malawi, Seed Trade Association of Malawi, Poultry Association of Malawi, Malawi Export Council and the Competition and Fair Trade Commission of Malawi.

Politically, Jumbe went at loggerheads with Chakwera during his first term in parliament and was inadvertently fired unceremoniously from the party. He later joined the DPP and during last years’ convention, he was elected Deputy Director of Economic Affairs in the party.