John Tembo grand daughter  Polesana Tembo

By John Saukira

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-MPICO has dragged John Tembo grand daughter,  Polesana Tembo aka, ALENGA LTD, to Lilongwe Commercial Court in their quest of stopping her from developing her place PERMANENTLY.

Tembo has contracted Chinese Company to build shops, and office park at her A12 Service Station which is expected to be completed before end of the year. The project is valued  at US$1million.

Once the project is completed about 100 jobs will be created and more products and services which will benefit the surrounding community.

Court summons which we have seen , the Property development company through their lawyers Likongwe and Co is demanding cash with interest from Polesana Tembo for disturbances and transpassing which has led to loss of business Peoples, the tenant and MPICO, landlord.

They claim the value of their business and building has been diminished.

They further state in their affidavit that the on going project construction site is buzzing with men working with unbearable noise due to workmen chatter and machinery, which has rendered workers of Peoples unable to execute their duties optimally.

In the summons the claimants presented to the court her request from MPICO for right of way, through a written letter informing them of the project for which the claimant granted her through written response. Bot of which the claimant submitted as evidence on the matter.

An injunction hearing  restraining Tembo by proceeding with the project permanently.

Mpico in court battle with JZU Tembo grand daughter over land development

It is exactly like the story of David and Goliath the Philistine in the Valley of Elah where in their 40 days, Goliath stretched his muscle to show how powerful he is against David but David killed Goliaths with a single sling of stone.

The Commercial court demanded MPICO to prove how the construction project is affecting business why the project should be permanently canned.

Again the court is asking Mpico why is it involved on Legal battle against Tembo and not their tenants which is PTC.

There more to come out of this case.

About Mpico

Suffice to say, MPICO is a leading provider of property solutions in Malawi  with approximately MK40 billion balance sheet, has many properties across the country including the Getaway Mall and Central House Arcade in the city centre, just to mention a few.

History of MPICO in Malawi’s development

MPICO was incorporated on the 12 August, 1972 with a nominal capital of MK4m by Capital City Development Corporation, a parastatal established with the objective of attracting international and Malawian based commercial investment in the development of Malawi’s new Capital City, Lilongwe, in accordance with the Capital city Construction Act of 1968.

While CCDC concentrated on fabricating infrastructure for the new Capital City, low cost shelter, government offices and housing, MPICO concentrated on building private sector offices, housing, shops, factories, hotels, warehousing with the assistance of private sector capital.

MPICO incorporated subsidiary companies to suit the needs of particular investors and development projects.

By 1979 the MPICO group comprised 18 companies, 400 residential units, 2 hotels, 11 industrial units and a number of other properties with funds utilized or available of over MK29m, involving 59 investors other than CCDC.

With CCDC’s major objectives having been achieved, the corporation was dissolved in early 1984.

Reorganization of the MPICO group took place between 1980 and 1984 and by 1983 MPICO became autonomous with independent management and operating systems and a focus on industrial and commercial property development.

Its investment and development programme was expanded to a national basis and targeted at Malawi’s 3 major urban centres Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Blantyre.

In 1987 MPICO launched a consultancy service undertaking valuation, property management and related services.

In the late ‘80s and ‘90s many of MPICO’s industrial and residential interests were sold or transferred.

The current portfolio of 28 properties is now worth over MK35bn.


About the Defendant 

Ms Tembo purchased and commenced business operations in September 2016. And her company ALENGA LTD was incorporated in 2018.She owns 100% shareholding of the business.

Over the last 3 years she has transformed the business to the benefit of residents in are 12 and surrounding areas.

Currently her business is worth over MK1 billion.

The commercial court has since reserved judgement until further notice. An anecdotal survey found that the community benefits a lot from her business and wonder why such a big conglomerate company is suing her when calls of women empowerment are everywhere.

Efforts to get tangible information from the CEO Damien Kafoteka were met with a ‘No Comment’ response.