By Saunders Jumah
No nation would want to present a thief, a person of unsound mind, a corrupt and a someone whose rule is based on deception to represent it at a high table of Global Fund.
Mr. Gift Trapence and Mr. Mtambo are speaking on behalf of sane society that is Malawi.
Mr. President you have no reason to denounce “moral decay” in our society when you are the architect of the same.
This country is where it is because of your lies and deceptive leadership that has promoted and encouraged corruption and state looting.
For an international organization like Global Fund nominating or choosing you to be a torchbearer for international lobby has shamed our nation because it looks like the international community is promoting your activities of thievery and state looting.
Global Fund is a renowned organization that respect the “rule of law and good governance” we believe Global Fund mistaken you for someone.
Had they known they could be cautious if ever any money collected or raised will reach Global Fund bank account because you have a record of receiving kick backs as the case is in the much talked MK145 million that you alone signed and benefited.
About the MK51 billion presidential jet acquisition your denial carries no water because you are the “bunch of liars” who wasted billions of Malawi Kwachas changing the flag of Malawi.
You were on the forefront denying the change of the national flag when you knew you were lying to the country and the world.
To the sane citizens of Malawi you do not have any moral authority neither do you have any respect because you are failing to stand up and apologize or return the money from tax payers money you benefited, still you refuse to resign.
Malawi want citizens to represent us on international fora but only sane and moral people not you.
We could not remain silent seeing you lambasting two citizens that are sacrificing their lives for the rest of us.
You have lost respect, integrity and moral ground to be leading this nation.
You must praise our ignorant members of Parliament and silent laws otherwise you could not be left to remain at state house with your tainted and stained hands.
However we appreciate the judicial system for freezing the account you alone signs, this is the sign that you have lost any respect and moral ground as a leader.
We have no further business to do with you than expecting to see you resigning or be forced out through impeachment and mass action.
Billions are lost on a daily basis at MRA, MERA, MACRA, ESCOM, BWB, City Assemblies, Admarc and other institutions but there is no day anyone got arrested in Malawi.
Yet innocent souls are dying for lack of medicine in hospitals, brilliant brains are loaming around without jobs and many have no access to higher learning because you are stealing money meant for their cause.
The fact that you have access to be heard does not make you a better president.
Every one know how crooky, corrupt and looter you are.
Spare us your lies please your Excellency Mr. President Peter Mutharika.
Malawi is not a sleeping nor a dumb nation, not in 2018.
Saunders Jumah is a regular contributor of the Maravi Post.
The views expressed in this article are not necessarily the views of the Publisher or the Editor of the Maravi Post