By Linda Mzunga

Muslims celebrates Eid-Mubarak with a call for unity among Malawians with different religious denominations.

Devout Muslim and a politician Uladi Musa has urged Malawians to embrace unity and peace despite their religious beliefs.

Musa made the call at the Eid Mubarak prayers that was held at Mpingwe Muslim Sports Club in Blantyre.

According to Musa during the holy month of Ramadan Muslims across the country should streghthen their spirituality and continue the spirit of giving as it is one of the fundamental pillars of the religion and desist from wrongdoings.

“Muslims should also continue to live in peace and harmony with other members of various religious denominations in the country for the development of this country” he said.

Musa added that Muslims have to learn to coexist with fellow Malawian regardless of the political party affiliations because according to the country’s constitution everyone has the right to choose a religion and a political party to belong to.

Asked on the on the message he has for Malawians as the country drew closer to the fourth coming general elections, Musa said Malawians need to choose a tolerant leader that accommodate both Christians and Muslims in the country.

“The current administration of president Peter Mutharika has seen peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in the division of developmental project” Musa said.

He further hailed the president Mutharika for taking an active role in distributing food items to needy families during the month of Ramadan.

In his remarks Chairman for Limbe Muslim Jamaal Abdul Gaffar Jakhura also emphasized the importance of living in the country.

Jakhura urged Malawians to choose wisely and observe a free and fair election come 2019.