Peter Mutharika

Written by Patseni Mauka

I gave this article the above title immediately after reading Mutharika’s New Year’s Day message because I knew it was just hypocrisy as usual. True to my thinking, just a week after that message, Mutharika’s trusted gangsters are already working against his New Year message. Of course, it’s with his blessings.


In his message to Malawians, Mutharika said:

Let us agree to practice civilized politics in the spirit of peace, love and unity.       Let us reject politics of castigation. Reject politics of hate. Let us learn to        forgive one another. Beyond politics, we are all Malawians. Let us reject        smear campaigns. Say no to savage politics of rudeness. Say NO to politics of       lies! Time has come for us to rise above petty politics. Time has come for us    to put Malawi first.

What an accomplished hypocrite! The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) under his leadership is a master of castigation, rudeness, hate as well as uncivilized and savage politics.

Last year in Mzuzu Mutharika went to town castigating and threatening UTM party members including his own in-law Callista Mutharika. I listened with amazement the entire president talking about family issues in public like a salvage full of hate. Such kind of hatred can’t disappear with a mere dishonest New Year message.

His agents in DPP are worse. If Mutharika had any sense of clean politics, he could have instructed his boys to stop insulting and persecuting opposition members and anybody associated with them. But recently we have seen how President Peter Mutharika has applauded, encouraged and rewarded foul mouthed characters.

In the last cabinet reshuffle Mutharika appointed Nicholas Dausi as the Minister of Homeland Security. Nicholas Dausi was trained by the notorious Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP) which were the paramilitary wing of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). The Young Pioneers were a major instrument for former President Dr Banda’s one party state dictatorship and domestic terrorism. Dausi served Kamuzu with utmost loyalty and obviously played a part in those dark days. He knows and practices absolute loyalty, good or bad. He has wide experience in clandestine activities.

In the same cabinet reshuffle, the president appointed Charles Mchacha as Dausi’s deputy. He was rewarded for being foul mouthed. Mchacha’s main qualification is a loud mouth. He can’t be employed anywhere else and has mastered the art of speaking obscenities to keep his employment with DPP.

The main objective of the reshuffle was a government structural change with eyes on the 2019 general elections. The two characters now at the helm of security in Malawi are hard core savages. They are never ashamed of doing anything to defend their source of income, government and party positions. They can do anything to ensure ruling DPP remains in power.

Their appointment showed Mutharika’s mediocrity, crookedness and evil intentions. He likes these mediocre and crooked characters because, given his miserable performance as President for the last four and half years, he can’t win under a free and fair election. He has to use crooked means to win elections.

A week after Mutharika’s hypocritical New Year’s Day address, Dausi and Mchacha are doing the dirty work Mutharika sent them to do on his behalf. They are instructing the police to arrest and intimidate opposition members. This week Malawi Police arrested Vice-President and UTM party leader Saulos Chilima’s aides.



Kushi Unyolo and Joshua Valera were arrested on Sunday afternoon for ‘acting suspiciously’ at the launch of Chiwanja Cha Yao in Balaka where President Peter Mutharika was in attendance. Chilima reportedly delegated Valera and Unyolo to deliver a gift at the Yao cultural grouping ceremony to which he had been invited, but failed to go due to a funeral.

Chiwanja cha Ayawo spokesperson McDonald Sembereka is on record as having said Valera and Unyolo were not seen acting suspiciously at the function as police alleged. It’s strange how the police can arrest someone for acting suspiciously. I guess we now have to start walking without arm movement in order not to be seen as acting suspiciously. This new crime can only be manufactured by illiterate and crooked characters like Dausi and Mchacha.

Again this week, The Nation reported that, without valid reasons, the police withdrew the Toyota Cruiser registration MP 2098 it provided to Chilima as part of his entitlement. The police also called 41 Police Officers who are working in the Office of the Vice-President for a disciplinary hearing accusing them of absconding work. The 41 are reported to have been previously transferred to other police formations but did not go after Chilima obtained a court order stopping the move. As per court order, the security officers continue with their job as Chilima’s security detail.

In disregard of the court order, the police, probably on instructions from Dausi and Mchacha interdicted the 40 officers. But in another defeat, the High Court in Blantyre has today stopped Malawi Police Service from suspending or interdicting the 40 police officers.


I wish I could stop there. But just as I was typing the last sentence of this article, the bad news is that Bon Kolindo, opposition UTM National Director of youth has been arrested for ‘insulting Mutharika’. What more evidence do we need to know that this country is entering a period of government organized plans to intimidate the opposition and bring chaos during elections? This a well-orchestrated move by Mutharika. Whatever happens, he will be 100 percent responsible.


Mutharika has lied to Malawians for far too long for us to believe that he is now a born again politician interested in issue based politics. Intimidation of opposition members coming one week after his reconciliatory address leaves no room for doubt that Mutharika is a liar and hypocrite. Malawians should never trust this old and frail crook. His manifestation of lies is a warning to voters that Mutharika’s promises should not be taken seriously.

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