Malawi’s newly appointed Minister of Home Land Security Nicholas Dausi, on Saturday revealed the secret that compelled President Peter Mutharika to appoint him to that portfolio.

According to Dausi, being loyal to the President or a die-hard to the ruling party, is the only secret to getting a ministerial position in Malawi.

Speaking during an exclusive interview program on Times TV, Dausi failed to highlight any qualification that would get him the post of home land security.

“To be appointed as a minister is not about going to school or having certificates related to any ministerial position. To say the truth, I don’t have any qualification to suit this ministry. My Young Pioneer experience has nothing to do with this position, but being loyalty to the President,” he said.

He then denied rumors that his appointment is to deal with opposition leaders or any one against the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government ahead 2019 polls.

However, he threatened to deal with the people who issue “fake news” against the President, the ruling party or any government officials, especially on the social media platforms; he said that is part of his appointed tasks.

The former senior Malawi Young Pioneer, while asking Malawians not to be afraid of his appointment to this post, which looks after the internal security including the Police Service, pledges to work in line with the Republican Constitution of Malawi.

“I will not use my power, but follow or abide to what our Constitution stipulates,” he assured Malawians.

Many people have expressed their fears that appointing the former MYP official, would complicate the campaign season by among others, intimidate opposition contenders, and even lead to increased road accidents of opposition members.