Vote recounting will be challenged in court. Why demanding for recount yet official results are not out? Which are the centres affected and by what figures? Can the figures affect the results? Why has this problem been discovered at National Tally Centre and not at polling centres, constituency tally centres or district tally centres? Why did monitors sign result sheets? Are there any challenge forms that were filled by monitors at polling centres? Why did Dr Joyce Banda raise the issue of vote recount on 21st May even before MEC started tallying results at National Tally Centre? Are ballot boxes safe?

Vote recount has a hidden agenda. Let MEC first release all results then determine centres that are affected so that actions should only take place in affected centres. It does not make sense to call for recount as if all centres are afftected. MEC should tell the nation that out of 4,445 centres in Malawi, how many are affected?

The issue here is that somebody is clinging to power! We are aware that before elections there were strong speculations that a certain party was keeping pre-marked presidential ballot papers and who knows, may be it is a plan to exchange the boxes. We were told that seals for many ballot boxes had no serial numbers so how safe are the boxes? This is very sensitive and those leading on presidential, parliamentary and local government will challenge the recount in court. What would have happened if PP was leading? Could such things bear any fruit?

Let us first see the official results and action should be taken on affected centres only by verifying with monitors who were in polling centres before efforts of recounting are done. I suspect that a certain loser has tampered with figures on result sheets in order for the figures not to balance. Why can this problem only be identified at MEC’s National Tally Centre? There is foul play here. Battle lines for legal battle in court have been drawn. Let justice prevail! God bless Malawi.