My fellow Malawians,

If truth be told, the current political impasse is as a result of a rude a wakening by some quarters after noting that another Mutharika will be our next president. To them, they thought Malawi was not ready for another Mutharika hence using every trick in and outside the book to rob Mutharika of his victory.

I say to them that the late Bingu’s brother is not to blame as he has not imposed himself. The people of Malawi decided to hire another Mutharika brand. As a matter of fact, it is proper to respect the will of the people of Malawi.

In the same vein, Peter Mutharika and cohorts must seriously understand that the current court battle is self explanatory that his approval rating is low as compared to the one outgoing president Joyce Banda had after the death of his brother.

The only way out for Mutharika to cultivate the much needed credibility among most Malawians is to prove his critics wrong by demonstrating to the nation that Malawians made a wise choice by ushering another Mutharika into power within a space of two years.

I strongly believe that the two year sabbatical leave taught Mutharika and his DPP enough lessons on how Malawians behave when you start messing up with them.

To those patriots who are still at pain to have Mutharika as president of Malawi, I urge them to give Mutharika a benefit of doubt for the sake of the development of our country.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to congratulate the president elect, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika and his DPP for this achievement. I rest my case.