The Mzuzu University (Mzuni) academic and support staffs have vehemently refused Mzuni Council’s offer of a five percent salary increment describing it as peanut and an insult.

Mzuni: no hope of it opening soon due to staffs’ refusal of a 5% salary increment

The council settled for the refused five percent salary increment in the beginning of this month (January) in order for the workers to resume their work on Tuesday this week.

However, the University staff through their chairperson Bennett Msongole said they will go back to their respective works only when the council increases their salary by 35 percent as earlier stated.

“We cannot and we will not go back to our work because the five percent increment is nothing; it is totally an insult to us especially when compared to the value of our demand, ” said Msongole.

He said the issue of inflation and devaluation has forced them to demand the salary increment.

However, spokesperson for the Mzuzu University Chigomezgo Gondwe Chokani said the council is strapped for cash and has no funds to address the 35 percent increment as demanded.

“As the council we cannot manage to increase our workers’ salaries by 35 percent but five percent,” said Chokani.

The development means that the students will still remain in their respective homes till the council meets the staffs’ demand.

The Mzuni staff started their strike in the month of October, 2016.