Neno hospital nurses accused of negligence as pregnant woman dies of hemorrhageNENO-(MaraviPost)—The battle against maternal, neonatal deaths in Malawi was on Friday deliberately frustrated by nurses at Neno district hospital as their negligence cost pregnant woman’s life, Maravi Post has established.According to impeccable sources, the deceased who is yet to be identified by this reporter, arrived at the hospital in the afternoon but the nurses on duty did not attend her as they claimed to be busy with another patient.

The source said the woman died of hemorrhage –a condition characterized by excessive loss of blood-  just after three hours and the only thing the hospital did was just to write a death report.

“What happened is gross negligence and a shame to nursing profession. The woman’s life could have been saved but the nurses chose to be unprofessional with reasons best known to themselves.

“The woman was left unattended for three hours and it’s painful that the only attention she got was just to write her death report,” said one of the health workers at the hospital who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A relation to the deceased told this reporter that it will take time to forget the injustice the nurses did to their beloved family member.

“I am failing to believe that she has gone. I will live to remember what the nurses have done,” he said amid unfeigned grief.

Maravi Post thorough investigation also found that the nursing department enjoys cordial relationship with the management team thereby casting doubt on its integrity to take any disciplinary action.

The development comes at a time when different organisations are in a fierce battle against maternal, neonatal deaths in Malawi and nurses are a focal point.

Globally, over 210 million women become pregnant every year.  However 15 percent of these pregnancies end in complications causing deaths of around 358,000 women per 100 000 live births according to the Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care (EmONC) Services Assessment Report carried out in 2011.

The report also observed that 99 per cent of untimely deaths occur in developing countries which Malawi forms part of.

According to the report majority of the deaths (80 per cent) are caused by severe hemorrhage (21 per cent), unsafe abortions (13per cent), eclampsia (12 per cent), sepsis (8 per cent) and obstructed labour (8 per cent).

In 2004 the maternal mortality rate in Malawi stood at 984 deaths per every 100 000 live births according to a Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) done by UNICEF.