New Egypt Military rulers Clear their old boss Hosni Mubarak of all charges

In what many Egyptians call the payback trial of the century, a court has dismissed charges against former President Hosni Mubarak related to the deaths of hundreds of protesters.

The court also found Mubarak not guilty of corruption Saturday.

Mubarak, who ruled Egypt for almost 30 years, was accused of “inciting, arranging, and assisting to kill peaceful protesters” during the country’s popular uprising in 2011. The 86-year-old had pleaded not guilty to the charges.


Saturday’s rulings capped Mubarak’s second trial for the same charges. He was convicted of helping kill protesters and was sentenced to life in prison in 2012, but was later granted a new trial by the coup plotters.

In January 2011, throngs of Egyptians filled the streets of Cairo to decry the country’s poverty, unemployment and repression. Protesters called for Mubarak to step down, but were met by a fierce and often violent government crackdown.

Since Mubarak stepped down in February 2011, the ailing former ruler has appeared in court numerous times for a variety of charges — sometimes wheeled in on a gurney. He often lay in a cage used to keep defendants during court proceedings.

Not free yet but he will be soon:

Though Mubarak was not convicted on any charges Saturday, he still won’t go free anytime soon. In May, a Cairo court sentenced Mubarak to three years in prison for embezzlement. His sons Gamal and Alaa were sentenced to four years each on the same charge.

All three were convicted of embezzling $18 million that was allocated for the renovation of presidential palaces. The Mubaraks have maintained their innocence in that case.

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