A multiplicity of new tech debuted at the 2019 CES expo. There are new gadgets that will make life more engaging, as well as easier. So, here’s a short recap of CES highlights.

Samsung Wall TV

It first debuted at last year’s CES. The Samsung’s Micro LED-based Wall TV will now be available for installation in homes. It’s made of smaller panels that interlock to make a huge screen with no bezel. It is one of the most beautiful Wall TV ever created.

Sony 98-inch Master Z9G 8K TV

TVs with 8K resolution? Yes, they were big at this year’s CES. There’s almost no native content to watch on them. Yet, Sony’s 98-inch flagship TV guarantees smart upscaling. It is to make your puny 4K content look good on its huge screen.

Samsung Bots

Samsung introduced a new robotics platform. It comes with a diversity of use cases. Bot Care is like a live-in nurse. It gives the feeling as it checks on elderly folks. On the other hand, Bot Air detects and filters polluted air. The GENS exoskeletons can make moving around less uncomfortable. It is for people with leg and back issues.

LG Signature OLED TV R

The LG booth had a selection of flexible OLED screens surrounding its entrance. Yet, the real gem was the 65-inch TV. It rolls up into a subtle base when you’re not looking at it. It might be a prototype at last year’s show. But this year, you will be able to buy it. It is outstanding.

Technics SL – 1200 MK7

Eight years ago, the original version of this amazing DJ turntable went off the market. Since then, vinyl’s popularity has surged. Panasonic is now bringing back the SL1200 aimed at DJs. It’s good for people who like lots of damping. A high-quality product!

Razer Turret

Good things come to those who wait! This mouse-and-keyboard set stands on a metal base. It enables Xbox One punters to skip the controller for PC-style game controls. It looks like a solid product that many gaming enthusiasts will love.

Dell XPS 13

Who wants a laptop with a webcam that looks up their nose? Well, the Dell XPS 13 won’t. It was already one of the best laptops around. But the new version saw the webcam move to the top of the screen instead of the bottom. This allows a much more flattering angle throughout your Google Hangouts. What’s more? It comes with excellent graphics that could be great for gamers.

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Soma Innofit Smart Bra

This electronic bra has sensors inside. Yes, you won’t believe it. These are created to let wearer choose the right size and fit in a bra. Clients can try it on in-store and get their size. They can then buy a bra without having to buy the smart version.