By Elijah Phompho, MEC-Stringer

In a move to achieve higher turn out in voter registration exercise,  National Initiative for Civic Education Trust (NICE) in Chikwawa has partnered with another Non-Governmental (NGO) Youthnet and Counselling (YONECO) to reach out to more youths with awareness campaign messages.

The two NGOs Jointly organised a football bonanza in group village headman Pende’s area in Traditional Authority Kasisi in the district.

NICE Trust District Civic Education Officer for Chikwawa Joseph Chamambala said considering that YONECO works with more youths in the district, the partnership seeks to mobilise the youths in order for them to participate in the forth coming registration exercise.

Chamambala said YONECO is one of the organizations that is working with the youths in the district and working with it will boost the morale of reaching out to them more easly than they could have done on their  own.

“We have lined up quite a number of activities with YONECO and this football bonanza was one of the activities. We will also engage musicians in carrying out the awareness campaigns considering that the youths like music”, Chamambala said.

On his part, YONECO Project Officer for Chikwawa, Patrick Makondi said as the organization which is involved in the promotion of human rights they thought of partnering with NICE Trust in raising campaigns for the upcoming elections.

“We cannot say the youths are future leaders if we do not involve them. This is why we are doing all we can to make sure that we tell them to register so that they exercise their right in the 2019 triprtite elections by voting for leaders of their choice,” Makondi said.

Voter Registration in Chikwawa District is expected to commence on the 16th up to 29th of August, 2018