A South African fire forensic team that was hired to investigate the cause of fire which gutted Nico House in Blantyre a few weeks ago say the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

The insurance firm counting the costs of a devastating fire that ripped through third floor of Nico House

This puts to rest allegations that the fire was an arson by some staff to conceal theft of huge sums of money from the insurance company.

Nico Group managing director Vizwenge Kumwenda said this means Nico General will pay claims to Nico Life and Pensions, owners of the building since the experts have concluded the fire was an accident.

“This was an accident caused by an electrical fault. After Nico General gets the fire report, they will process the claims and give money to Nico Life and Pensions for the rehabilitation of the building,” he said.

The fire mainly destroyed the top floor of the building, destroying some property as well as the building but there were no casualties.