By Nenenji Mlangeni
Lilongwe Mapuyu South Constituency Member of Parliament (MP)Joseph Njobvuyalema predicts doom for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in next year’s tripartite polls.
This follows his loss to Edward Chileka Banda who emerged the winner in primary elections.
Njobvuyalema says the party will not win the elections if it continues to defend those that it deems loyal to it than those that are rightfully chosen by voters.
The Malawi Congress Party through press statement signed by party’s spokesperson Maurice Munthali states that Edward Chileka Banda emerged winner during the primary elections and amassed 420 votes out of all eligible voters.
Apart Njobvuyalema who got 320 votes, Esther Kathumba, Elenata Chawinga and Joseph Bauleni who shared the rest of the votes.
To Njobvuyalema this will lead to MCP not see the light of the day in 2019 elections.
“Look, I won the primary elections but I know some few people within the party that do not wish me well did the cooking of the figures to completely deal with,” said Njobvuyalema.
He argues “The total number of eligible voters was 701. If you add what Edward Chileka Banda got (420 votes) and what I got (320 votes) you will see that it’s coming up to 720. Now my question is where did the others come from? What about other contestant’s votes?”
According to Njobvuyalema, the results are fake and he is calling for fresh elections to be conducted in the constituency.
But MCP spokesperson Maurice Munthali hints the party will not change its position on the election results.
Munthali has since called upon Njobvuyalema to accept the results than engage the media in the matter.
“MCP does not discuss party issues with the media. We urge Njobvuyalema and other aggrieved aspirants to follow proper procedures whenever they have grievances with the party,” Munthali told Capital FM.
Since MCP started conducting primaries, a lot of irregularities have erupted leaving some very disgruntled.