By Rudovicko Nyirenda

As Malawians are celebrating 54 years of political independence, it is not all the same with patients admitted at Karonga District Hospital (KDH) as they dig dip into their pockets to buy medicine for survival.

KDH is running short of drugs for a week now a problem that has come in because the Ministry of Health has not purchased drugs from Central Medical Stores due to lack of funds.

The scenario is worse leading most of guardians leaving their patients lying agony in the hospital beds fetching for money to buy drugs in private clinics.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday with one of the guardians (name with held) who was seen coming from buying drug, said it is hard for them buying medicine daily as it is costly.

“It’s very hard for me to buy IV Fluids daily. It costs K3500 per bottle of IV Fluids and in my case I have spent K35000 for ten bottles that I have bought in the last seven days of my brother’s admission,” guardian said.

“My brother admitted at the hospital is the only family bread winner and for him to be sick, sourcing money to me is a burden,” he added.

But when the Ministry of Health Public Relations Officer Joshua Malango asked on the issue he failed to give the answer to the problem.

Karonga District Health Officer Dr Phinias Mfune confirmed about this sad development,however he said that all have come because of late funding from the government to Ministry of Health.

“It’s a week now patients buying some drugs for themselves at the hospital. The 2018- 2019 budget has been approved but money not reached to council and the Central Medical Stores is holding the new consignments, said Dr Mfune.

Meanwhile Dr Mfune has appealed to people in the district to be financially prepared when coming to receive treatment to the hospital and any government healthy facility in the district.