United Nations Day
Flag of the United Nations

By Michael Fatsani Katengeza

Malawi is endowed with many great and wise minds who due to poverty or just lack of exposure to western education are classified as being illiterate. They are forever discarded to the dustbin of social life.

No one listens to them because of their poverty. When the village council sits and these “great minds” are invited just for social inclusion, no one looks forward to their input, advice and speeches.

They are reduced to a side show because of their poverty. The meetings applaud and listen to the ideas of the rich guys from the city even when their ideas are smelly and stupid. The poor do not listen to a fellow poor man. The rich also look at poverty as a sign of failure and they therefore flee from being associated with such.

In the poor Malawi government’s wisdom, they think the rich can listen to them in forums like UNGA. The fact of the matter is that everybody listens to America then Russia, then China, then Israel and even some despotic regime of Museveni and NOT Malawi.

We’d be wise not to pay much attention to these things by just sending the Permanent Representative instead of the 101 delegates that we do yearly at a very heavy cost to Malawians who have to foot the bill.


According to UN website, The General Assembly is one of the six main organs of the United Nations, the only one in which all Member States have equal representation: one nation, one vote. All 193 Member States of the United Nations are represented in this unique forum to discuss and work together on a wide array of international issues covered by the UN Charter, such as development, peace and security, international law, etc. In September, all the Members meet in the General Assembly Hall in New York for the annual General Assembly session.

©Michael Katengeza