Chilima, a servant leader Malawi needs


Prepared by Benedictibe Monk Emmanuel OSB


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Opening prayer God our Father, as Malawians we come to You as one people, Praying for our beloved country Malawi in this moment of transition.

On 21st May, we will choose our government leaders, when You created us You gave us this responsibility.

We pray that You enable us Malawians to do our duty according to Your will.

We pray that you endow the spirit of love in every Malawian to go and vote wisely for Tsogolo Lanthu labwino ndi lowala.

We also ask for the grace of an open heart to receive whatever You will for us, through the intercession of Blessed Mary our Mother, give us a leader of integrity who will fight against corruption and has economic and governance transformation at heart for Malawi. In the Name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer for 21st May Malawi elections

Heavenly Father, Nothing can overcome your greatness. But we are weak and need a deeper gift of hope as we face worldly governments.

Send us your Holy Spirit to guide and form our consciences to vote for better government in Malawi.

Malawi is facing a lot of problems and we need a transformative president with integrity in fighting for corruption and effectively providing good resources to all citizens.

Lord form our consciences according to the Gospel so that we may both vote and act for the Kingdom of God.

For these 21st May elections in our beloved country Malawi, O God, please bless Saulos Klaus Chilima to be our president as is the man of integrity, God fearing, honest, who loves his country and committed, a hard worker, give Malawi best leaders in parliament who will work for the glory of God and lead us to Canaan.

Heavenly Father, in union with Christ and the Holy Spirit, we beseech You to listen to our prayers.

We consecrate our nation to Your divine protection and love as we go through this very significant event as a nation.

Grant that this elections be honest, orderly, peaceful and meaningful to all. We ask this through the intercession of the blessed Mary, our Mother, Amen. Our Father …. Hail Mary … Glory be …

Concluding Prayer Father

Lord of our lives bless Malawi with new servant leadership of Tsogolo Lathu labwino ndi lowala, empower us to choose by our votes those whom You wish to govern us.

Soon we shall once more use our sacred right to vote; Grant our voters the grace to choose wisely the people who will be entrusted with public office.

Make us choose persons of high moral integrity, honest, competent and unselfish, who love the poor and promote the common good in a spirit of genuine service and love, persons who will lead us to unity and progress as a people.

Give us the grace of courage and watchfulness, Lord, so that before, during, and after the elections, we may resist and overcome all those who do not have the common good in mind.

May the 21st May elections be peaceful and orderly and show that we are a mature people who stand on the side of justice and truth and end corruption.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. GOD BLESS MALAWI