Nsanje MEC Presiding Officer Mthyola who was accused of elections rigging dies

NSANJE-(MaraviPost)-The man accused to have  helped in rigging the May 21 elections in favour of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) candidates in Nsanje North Constituency has died.

Stasha Mthyola was Primary Education Advisor (PEA) for Fatima Educational Zone and was the Presiding Officer at the constituency tally centre in Nsanje North died on Friday morning at Malamulo Hospital in Thyolo district.

Family sources and the education officials have told this publication that, the late Mthyola, was admitted at the mission health facility, following a series of hypertension related ailments in the past weeks.

This publication understands, the deceased started collapsing at Nsanje District Council after he was extensively questioned, as to why, he had brought elections results sheet, which was  not co-signed by monitors of other contesting political parties including those of MCP.

After he had regained conscience, the Presiding Officer was sent back to the constituency tally centre to get signatures of other party monitors, whereby, upon observing the doctored figures, MCP monitors had refused to sign.

It is therefore believed that the dirty artwork through the fingertips of the deceased civil servant is what influenced the outcome of the elections, which highly turned out in favour of DPP candidates.

In apparent shock, the outcome of the results failed to convince MCP supporters, as the presidential results showed that, the DPP candidate, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika had won with 17,000 votes against the MCP candidate, Reverend Doctor Lazarus Chakwera who lost after getting 4,000 votes.

The real shocker was when the parliamentary results indicated that, the one believed to be the stronger candidate, Enock Chizuzu, who represented MCP, had lost after getting 10, 302 votes while the one whom the majority believed to be the weaker candidate, Esther Mcheka was announced as winner with 12, 027 votes.

Overwhelming evidence sourced from the elections corridors expose the deceased presiding officer, to be the one who had played a pivotal role of mentoring officers entrusted with handling the results sheet at the constituency polling centre, to alter figures and giving authoritative command to use tippex in a bid to conceal the despicable act.

Further in-depth evidence pinpoints the deceased officer that, he had used his authority as Presiding Officer, to swap figures especially on presidential vote.

This means that, votes given to Mutharika were the ones that Chakwera had actually amassed and vice versa.

Common talk making rounds, whose dust is refusing to settle down, has it that, prior to the May 21 tripartite elections elections, the late officer had received money amounting to 14 Million Malawi Kwacha in exchange for favour to alter figures on results sheet that would ensure that DPP Parliamentary Candidate, Esther Mcheka and the party’s Presidential Candidate, Arthur Peter Mutharika had won.

Twice, on May 31 and June 10, scores of MCP supporters in Nsanje North Constituency had marched in protest against the outcome of the May 21 elections, which registered a lot of irregularities, chief among them, the usage of tippex on results sheets in the process of shady activity of doctoring figures