Chilima and Chimulirenji

NTCHEU-(MaraviPost)-The snap survey-opinion poll the Maravi Post carried on Saturday in Ntcheu district revealed that residents favour Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima who is also UTM Party leader than President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate Everton Chimulirenji.

Both Chilima and Chimulirenji come from the same district.

The snap survey aimed at establishing how popular are the two presidential candidates of their political parties prowess.

Residents talked to this publication disclosed that Mutharika’s runningmate is not well-known and nothing much to show to constituents for the past fives years.

Constituents therefore favored Chilima as young energetic that can bring meaningful development as the country’s next head of state.

The residents however confessed that district is the home of governing Democratic Party (DPP) over the years but now its divided due to Chilima’s UTM Party formation.

“Chimulirenji is not well-known here in Ntcheu. He has not done much as a Member of Parliament (MP). So, nothing will change being DPP runningmate to President Mutharika,” said one resident.

Another resident chipped in; “Let me be honest with you here, Ntcheu has been a DPP home over the years but formation of Chilima’s UTM Party has divided supporters. Many of us are for Chilima not Chimulirenji who is not popular to wow votes. DPP needs strong runningmate if indeed is to win May 21 elections”.

On Sunday, The Maravi Post carried an article that pressure has mounted in the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) forcing President Peter Mutharika’s runningmate little known Everton Chimulirenji arguing that the latter’s choice is blow of wining ways ahead of May 21 polls.

According inside DPP sources told this reporter that Muhlakho wa a Lhomwe members and some chiefs from the southern region held an impromptu meeting Friday night where they expressed their anger on First Lady Gertrude Mutharika and President Peter Mutharika’s Security aide Norman Paulos Chisale accusing them of misleading the President.

The DPP inner circle are accusing The First Lady and Chisale for influencing President Mutharika’s choice of Chimulirenji whom they argue that he is not well-known in the party including the nation at large.


The sources added that DPP inner circles are now pressuring Chimulirenji to resign as the runningmate that President Mutharika should choose another runningmate as the only option which Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) will accept according to electoral laws