Ntcheu residents to hold night of prayers to stop Albino killings in MalawiNTCHEU (Maravi Post)—Residents of Malawi’s central district of Ntcheu will this Friday going to hold a night of prayers to ask God to expose the perpetrators of those killing people with albinism in the country. The prayers have been organized by Mpumulo Enterprises in collaboration with Friends of Bishop Kapenga. The prayers will be conducted at Chando Hall in the same district.

Speaking in an interview, the district coordinator for the friends of Bishop Kapenga who is also

the Managing Director of Mpumulo Enterprise, Mtendere Mizinga, said that they have organized a series of events on the day apart from the prayers.

“We will have different kind of events on the day, such as press conference as well as marching among others but as friends of Bishop Kapenga, we thought it wise to hold prayers,” said Mizinga

“We know that nothing is impossible with God. And we believe that the prayer will embrace the residents with the spirit of love,” he added.

He said “it is sad to note that love has faded amongst God’s creatures, a development which is making people with albinos to live in fear of their fellows.”

Mizinga disclosed that Bishop Kapenga who is ministering in South Africa under the Living

Waters Church is in the country for the night of prayers.

“People should expect more miracles from the Bishop during the day because there will be deliverance, healing and prophecies,” said Mizinga.

The prayer will also be graced by local musician such as Timothy Luke, Chrissy Govati and the modern Christians among the other.

Recently, religious fraternity in the country organized such kind of prayers in Kasungu.