LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi (Nonm) this week accused government for allowing the construction of the filling station closer to Bwaira hospital entrance in the capital Lilongwe.

The body is arguing that the energy pump pose threats to patients at the health facility.

The nurses have therefore asked government to stop the construction of a filling station threatening it will take unspecified action if the construction continues.

Nonm president, Dorothy Ngoma, said her organisation is concerned about the safety of members of her union who work at the hospital.

Ngoma observed that ambulances are struggling to gain access to the hospital following several construction projects just after the gates of the hospital, a development which she says is uncalled for.

She added that the place belongs to Bwaila Hospital but the hospital and Lilongwe District Council have been tussling with people who are developing structures, one of which is the filling station.

“I have never heard anywhere in the world that a sane person or a sane government can allow construction of a filling station 10 metres from a hospital entrance. This is very risky. Are they thinking about the safety of the workers and patients? This is a recipe for disaster,” Ngoma said.

The filling station owner, businessperson Abraham Simama, however insists that he acquired the land from Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development in 2011.

Simama assured the public that he posses title deed that shows the land belongs to him not ministry of health.

“Nobody can just wake up in the morning to put a structure in a place where he thinks is illegal. I think the organisation does not know anything,” said Simama.

Lilongwe District Commissioner, Lawford Palani, while acknowledging the Simama’s position on the issue was however quick saying that his office does not know who gave the other developers permission.

Currently, the filing station is about to be opened and that other developers are proceeding with construction.

Ministry of health has always complained of land encroachment around Bwaira hospital which is failing to make some expansion construction projects.