By Nenenji Mlangeni


LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-State Vice-President and UTM party president on Monday ended the 2018 political year bluntly telling Leader of Opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera and his Malawi Congress Party (MCP) that they can never win an election in Malawi.

Chakwera and his MCP campaign officials have of late been hurling insults and innuendos at Chilima as the UTM leader who is pulling much popularity of crowds that attend his rallies in mostly MCP strongholds.

“You must stop mentioning my name. You should know that you are not my match, probably the DPP is closer to me because they won the election in 2014 which I helped them win but you are very far away. I bet you can never win an election in the country,” said Chilima to hand-clapping and ululation of the thousands of people.

Chilima was at Kauma ground  in the capital Lilongwe  where he said he went to bid farewell to his neighborhood as he is set to occupy Kamuzu Palace after the May elections.

“You are very far from victory so don’t cheat yourselves that you can win an election in Malawi. We will win the election because we know how to win an election because of our people-centred policies which we will roll out after the election in May,” said Chilima.

He said Chakwera should just concentrate on his job as a member of parliament, saying the position of Leader of Opposition in Malawi does not attract retirement package.

However, Chilima has to be put in his right place, politically him and his movement will be lucky if they even get 2000 votes.
Then we’ll witness  another exodus of the Jessie Kabwilas, and Richard Msowoyas to other parties claiming they were duped into thinking he was the real deal. ….Classic political prostitutes claims.
.His attacks on Chakwera were uncalled for, unlike the MCP president Chilima exhibits an intractably malignant narcissism because his enablers don’t tell him the truth, other than being a drunk and an incompetent professional, his sycophants try so hard to rationalise and minimize his past and present behavior they deep down find absolutely repugnant.
Now we know why he refused to resign, it’s not about principle but a cushy retirement package.