carton on linking with brotherhood

By Falles Kamanga

Few things can make Malawians so angry that they feel pure, unadulterated venom seeping out of every pore of their skin.

The decision by Sidik Mia and MCP to bring in Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in a bid to help him and his party MCP rig the Presidential election is one of them. This deal has been made at the exchange of our freedom as Malawians.

Yes, the vice President of MCP flew half way across the world to sit down with one of the world’s most ruthless terrorist groups.

They shook hands, they had a private meeting, they lunched and they strolled through a garden as they discussed how they can rig the May, 2019 elections in MCP’s favour and what they will get in return.

The details of the deal are just as despicable as the people who made it. The terrorists want to turn Malawi as their recruitment center and training ground in the region. They want to launch acts of terror from Malawi.

The Muslim Brotherhood are already in the country and they have set up their rigging equipment at an undisclosed location. They are ready to roll.

As this is happening, MCP President Lazarus Chakwera is enraged. He is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Turning the deal down means giving back millions of dollars that Mia got from the Muslim brotherhood for the MCP campaign so far.

On the contrary, agreeing to the deal means selling the country and putting it on fire. He is a pastor, he has conscience. He wants to win fair and square. Mia has dragged him and the party in a quagmire.

Chakwera and Mia’s relationship is on the rocks. Though we see them embracing each other like long lost brothers and talking boldly of a brave new Malawi, that is just cosmetic.

There is fear that Mia wants to use the Muslim Brotherhood to terminate Chakwera once they are voted into power. It is very clear that Mia’s ultimate goal is the Presidency.

Muslim brotherhood terrorists are the biggest violent threat to the world. They have no sense of regard for human life.

They have no thought or care for the poor victims of their despicable acts, they are just excited by their murderous brutality.

By inviting terrorists into the country, Mia has renounced his country, and everything it stands for. Worse than that, he has openly supported and authorized the murder of his fellow citizens. He is a man who is bent to destroy his country.

Malawians should stand firm together on this, and simply revoke the trust that they gave MCP and its leadership. They are traitors, pure and simple. And traitors deserve not one iota of our confidence.

Giving MCP a vote is like signing your own death warrant. We are a peaceful nation, and we are not going to allow MCP to destroy the peace that our fore fathers fought for.

God help us.


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