By Nathan Zayed


The biggest lie being perpetrated to the electorate by our colleagues in United Transformation Movement (UTM) is that the various transformative developments,  completed or currently in progress should not be attributed to the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In these highly emotionally-charged pronouncements it is theorized that funds for developments are from taxes collected from the public and, therefore, the public should not applaud nor attribute such developments to government. This is ignorance of the highest order!

Perhaps, UTM knows better and are merely playing theatrics with voters. If, however, the leadership of UTM is convinced in its ranks this is the truth about such basic administrative government matters then they should just pull out of the presidential race for what is a clear lack of comprehension of the state machinery.

It is my considered view that at least 85% of projects and developments, should not, must not and cannot be divorced from a sitting government. For any development to materialise, government has to:


  1. Set the agenda for development;


  1. Prioritize the development among other competing projects;


  1. Develop a budget and ensures it is approved by Parliament;


  1. Establish mechanisms for collection of taxes and the fiscal controls necessary to avoid pilferage;


  1. Procure competent contractors to actualized  the project in conformance with the design/blue print;


  1. Supervise the works, from the first brick to completion;


  1. Deliver the completed project to alleviate the plight of Malawians; and,


  1. Finally, allocate monthly funding for its maintenance and sustainability.


At each steps, there is a  significant risk for mismanagement and failure. Conversely, each completed project is a clear testimony of government’s perfect execution of all the enlisted steps.


Again, there is no exceptional point raised in this humble submission. I am merely stating the obvious. Then why is UTM relentlessly on this course of misinformation?

We are only left to believe that maybe the corruption allegations against Peter Mutharika and indeed DPP, have become so hard to sell to Malawians, as developments are sprouting everywhere at an unprecedented rate in history, forcing the breakaway movement to look for new avenues to fault.

A recent November country report by the Economist Intelligence Unit for example, has for the sixth consecutive time predicted that the DPP will form the next government in 2019, amidst strengthening of revenue-enhancing measures, growth in real GDP due to agricultural diversification, among other key economic gains.

It’s not a far fetching story, Mutharika has delivered!


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