By Ephraim Nyondo-ECG Director of Communications

JOHANNESBURG-(MaraviPost)-There is one question about Major 1 I keep being asked quite often.

How does he work, especially balancing ministry and business work? Well, let me answer with a story.

He has been in U.S for the past, say 10 days, on a business trip. Big business. I was expecting his return this Saturday morning. To my surprise, he called me Friday morning around 11 hours and said: “Hey, I am in town. Touched down at 9 hours.”

I thought that he was calling just to alert me that he is back. You and I would agree that after a 16 hour flight, you expect a jet lag, and you expect some hours of restful sleep.

Not Prophet Bushiri.

Arrange that meeting at my hotel in Rustenberg, he instructed. It’s a business meeting with some gentlemen from Nigeria who arrived some days ago and been waiting for his arrival.

“I will be home for two hours and then head for the meeting,” he said.

Now, he stays in Joburg and the venue for the meeting, his hotel, is in Rustenberg, an hour or so drive.
I started off with the visitors at 12:58 hours and, by 14:30 hours, I was in Rustenberg. We found him there already, inspecting the expansion works happening at the hotel.

He welcomed us and took us to the boardroom. We started the meeting around 15:30 hours. Fruitful meeting and then his personal assistant alerted me that he has another meeting with some investors. The time, then, was 18:20 hours.

I alerted him quickly because I knew there was a church service tonight he was supposed to minister.
We moved into another meeting around 19:15 hours. It took us about two hours. Another great and fruitful meeting.

After that, he told all of us to have supper as he retired to solitude to prepare for the service. That meant an hour of prayer, seeking God’s presence and direction.

After one and half hours, he returned. We had, almost, another hour of Bible Study as part of his relaxation.

The we started off for an hour journey to Pretoria. I thought he will, in the first place, branch home and relax. I was, again, wrong. We cruised straight to church for a Candlelight all night service.

The service ended, today, at around 4 hours. I mean 4 am. I got home at 5:30 hours only to be welcomed by a call from him.

“I know you got home safe. I wish you a nice rest. I am praying for your protection in the name of Jesus,” he said.

Then he sent a text. Don’t forget we have another meeting at 12 midday, it read. “Be at the office by 11:30 hours”.

So when you ask me: How does he work? I am sure this story can help answer you.
Let me rest.