By Falles Kamanga

The Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) will never change and blood of innocent people will continue to haunt it, with the recent death of Jumani Kamuzu Banda proving that MCP, Kamuzu Banda’s family and its operatives will come after everyone and kill them if they want to reveal the hidden truths about Kamuzu Banda.


Jumani Kamuzu Banda who has died mysteriously came to Malawi with claims that he was son to Kamuzu Banda.


He challenged everyone that he could prove that if given a chance to go for a DNA test and he was deported with the influence of Ken Kandodo who was then a serving cabinet minister .


One of Kamuzu Banda’s Aide who was head of Special Branch Martin Focus Gwede also died mysteriously after he had made a claim that he believed that Jumani was indeed Kamuzu Banda’s son, since he has seen him when he was young during his days with Kamuzu Banda abroad .


Gwede came out in support of a man claiming to be Banda’s son. He confirmed that Kamuzu Banda had three children, and that he believes that Jumani Johansson is the son of Banda


“This is the boy I saw in London referring to-Jumani Kamuzu Banda son to late Ngwazi Dr Hestings Kamuzu Banda, he is really son to Ngwazi.”


Gwede died in 2011 after he made such statements backing Jumani .


Jumani according to reports has died of food poisoning after he had challenged chiefs in Kasungu that he needed their help to prove his identity through DNA test .


Ken Kandodo through Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation said a drastic action would be taken if Jumani continued making such claims, weeks later he dies within hours of short illness.

No wonder the late Jumani’s wife has cried foul over the death for the son of the soil to tried so hard to reclaim his destiny.

The Kamuzu Family put spanners blocking the late Jumani despite his quest for DNA to justify his claims.

Despite Jumani’s fight, MCP leadership did nothing to help the young man, the party that knows exactly who Kamuzu was.

Should Malawians read too much on Jumani’s suspicious death that Kumuzu family and MCP still have blood hands that can not be trusted with leadership a head of May 21 polls? Time will guide!!!!

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