Once again another MCP MP Speaks out of turn, hurling racial slurs after being called out on his lies

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led by Reverend Lazarus Chakwera is once again under fire following racist and xenophobic insults from its Member of Parliament directed toward Lilongwe Central MP David Bisnowaty who is white. 


Many people in Malawi appear to be shocked by the insults and are demanding censure for the MP and also an apology. 


MP David Bisnowaty was showered with racist slurs from a number of MCP legislators on Thursday when he reminded the party of its brutal past. The Lilongwe Central MP had fact checked MCP claims that Malawi was a land of milk and honey during Kamuzu Banda in that reports of food insecurity were mere fairytales.



While standing on a point of order, Bisnowaty said there were severe food shortages as Malawi was rated one of the poorest in the world during the MCP era only that people were afraid the bloodthirsty dictator would kill them if they were to speak openly of the food scarcity. With that, the MCP legislators took turns hurling racist slurs, asking Bisnowaty to leave Malawi.


Aaron Gadama died mysteriously in 1983 together with Ministers Dick Matenje, and Twaibu Sangala as well as Member of Parliament, David Chiwanga. Their bodies were found in Mozambique. The Kamuzu Banda government reported his death as a ‘traffic accident even though the bodies were riddled with bullets. In 1995, seven people were from the MCP including John Tembo were and Kamuzu Banda himself were accused of their deaths, but were acquitted due to lack of evidence.


It is very unfortunate that MPs of the Malawi Congress Party hurled racist insults at David Bisnowaty for saying the truth. Apparently what irked MCP MPs was that Bisnowaty, standing on a point of order to correct an MCP MP who claimed there never was famine when MCP was in power, pointed out that there used to be food shortages during the 30-year MCP rule, except people were not allowed to discuss it as openly as is the case now.



Of course he was right. In 1991, the famine in the country was so severe that we had to be rescued by yellow maize donated by the United States. So what was the point in insulting Honourable Bisnowaty for saying the truth? And why resorting to racism? It is a monumental shame and a colossal disgrace, MCP” renowned commentator, Onjezani Kenani, wrote on his Facebook.


Victor Chiheni Phiri commenting on the same post, pleaded with MCP to condemn the MPs and issue an apology to the victimized MP.


“I hope the MCP leadership will take stand and condemn the barbaric behavior of some of their MPs who ridiculed Mr Biz. It is uncalled for no wonder the MP of the moment, Kamlepo, condemned the same day” said Phiri whose plea was echoed by Aaron Tamie Mwasokwa who said: “MCP leadership has to apologize otherwise the party is doomed”.


Billy Mayaya, one of the most vocal human rights activists in the country reasoned that MCP’s silence on the issue will imply that the party backs racism.

“Using argumentum ad hominem and racist bigotry as tools for defence is inexcusable! MCP’s saving grace is to immediately apologize without equivocation and thereby put this matter to rest!” commented Mayaya.


Other social commentators have questioned the Speaker who also happens to be a member of the MCP why he did not revoke standing orders to kick the disgraceful MPs out of Parliament.

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