Malawi Pres. Peter Mutharika with members of cabinet
Malawi Pres. Peter Mutharika with members of cabinet

Members of the Cabinet and Ministerial committee

Office of the President
State House
Capital City
Lilongwe. 3.

Honorable Ministers and Principal Secretaries,
Honourable Ministers and your deputies! This is an appeal of conscious to some of you in the cabinet to gracefully relinquish your portfolios to ease pressure on the President Peter Mutharika who is under intense pressure from within and without to release your names.

The President is caught between the rock and hard for he cannot abandon the will of the people, as he is not prepared to abandon his comrades in the government. Still one thing must happen for one cannot have eat his cake and have it at the same time.

You are making the life of the president tough and hard for he does not know what to do. Many of you are aware that the President is a man of no words already. You must agree that your leader and Chairperson of the Cabinet is not an eloquent man and that he suffers from speeching therapy. You will do him good if you can help him by stepping aside so that you can give him breathing space over this matter.

Rumours making rounds are pointing at seven of you in this cabinet, most of the media outlets mouth pieces have been threatened by you when they try to leak and mention your names. Meaning that you are aware of the scenario outside this board room.

This chamber is filled with men and women of high integrity and credence, most of you were outside Malawi and are acquainted with lifestyles there, where when scandals arise that directly or indirectly involves your offices the action is for resignation of the head to pave way for cleaner investigations and clearing your names. This is what outside states that you spent much of your time do. You can and must copy the lifestyle here too.

Honorable Henry Mussa, Hon. Goodall Gondwe, Hon. Patricia Kaliati, Hon. Bright Msaka, Hon. Mwanaamveka and two others whose names have not yet appeared which perceives and gives full expectation that one of the two wrapped names must be the President Peter Mutharika himself taking mind that he was second in command when all these scandals were taking place from 2009 till 2012.

We are aware that you are reluctant to do what the country and the World expect of you because you know that you are swimming the same pool with the president and you are holding onto the belief that if you are to drown you will drown together with the president which is wrong because the man that you are perching has extraordinary benefits that include immunity from prosecution.

The best you can do to help yourselves is to put your resignation letter on the table of his office and wait for courts to pronounce themselves over your cases. You must not be worried for Malawi is a democratic state where the rule of law is at its peak. We cannot convict you on media before the courts do which means you are suspects at this moment and time. Being suspects you are innocent till proven guilty in the courts of law.

Asking you to step aside from the government is  procedural for the country is not satisfied to have people that are suspected in high profile case involving a whooping MK577 billion though your subordinates have doctored the figures to MK236 billion in case you lose the case, you must not completely be pruned to remain dry.

We know the dirtiness of state affairs. We are also aware of the dirty games that plays part in politics especially when it involves the head of state. State instruments ignores national importance and preserve and protect the sitting government. This is why all of you are mum and scared to face the nation and the world.

We are also aware that this office of the cabinet has been divided into two [Day cabinet and Night cabinet] where you are meeting all night long pondering and lingering as to what you can do to make sure the government does not fall from the works of your own hands.

State institutions that includes the Attorney General, the Auditor General are under pressure to make sure that names and figures are coaxed so as to maintain the government in power. Every body in this country as well as the World knows that this is what is happening.

This is the reason we are appealing and asking you to step aside temporarily to give space to your state machines to cook up the figures and names so that when they come up to clear your names that it is not the Ministers in your government that are implicated but the ministers in the government of Joyce Banda it will remain in the hands of Malawians to check on the manifest and list of Peoples Party government to see if we will get the likes of names in Goodall Gondwe, Patricia Kaliati and so forth.

Having said a lot I turn to advise all of you who know that your hands are dirty and that you have benefitted from career profession of serving in the government.

Honorable ministers! It is neither in the will of your people nor the wish of providence that we want you to be jailed. What you have done to the country is what will lead you to freedom or jail. Perhaps you do not know how many lives have been lost in hospitals, villages and country side, you may not know the damage you have caused that destroyed the reputation of this country that you and me call home.

You are accustomed to the truth that Malawi is one of the least countries in the subregion that the international community recognise and know off because we have no tangible attraction that ranges from diamonds, platinum, oil, gold, col tan that the world is desperate to have. We survive through British mercy by supplementing on our annual needs.

Finding people of your calibre among those in the government swindling the little that is offered, the little we contribute in taxes makes you the worst enemies our country has ever had. You are enemies of the office you hold, enemies of people of this country and enemies of development who are not supposed to be at state house or in this cabinet secretariat.

Being citizens of this country we have no power to banish you but you deserve to be far from the affairs of the government and state.

The second advice is, you must not fool yourself thinking that you are fooling citizens and the country, government has a life line, citizens don’t. I have presided over five governments, citizens have presided over five governments, the country has more than five. Some of you are cheating yourself that the only way you will run away from the scam is making sure that you keep ruling till 2099 as one of your Rat and Grasshoppers addicted rascal is telling people in the north of the country. If I am to be truthful to you you will have seek divine intervention for you to cross over in 2019. The likes of Maxson Mbendera will not be found again.

To show you that your lifespan is dwindling you must check the number of security meetings taking place in this chamber as well as the corridors of state house about the lifespan of this government. You are pushing your leader left and right having sleepless nights scaring him that his government is under threat and that it will soon be dethroned, that has made your already sick president to turn into paranoia where he is demoting and changing positions of people suspected to take such actions.

Forgetting that the Army Commander is not a politician but a man of credence in his work, you will make him to do the same in police for no apparent reason. If Peter Mutharika has elements that will make him to lose power even before 2019 it is you seven in this cabinet caucus. If you love your party and government you must resign and give space to your president to put his house in order.

Third advice is, in a civilised society when your name is tainted you do not go around burning peoples car, threatening people, abducting officials kill them and burn their cars. This is what we call the evil of fear that is not going to be condoned as far as Malawi remains a democratic nation governed by instruments of the rule of  law.

Your government is already stained by the blood of 20 citizens you killed in 2011, the death of Robert Chasowa, Issa Njaunju [though your police is giving a bounty MK2 million leading to anyone who has a clue of his killing yet you have two suspects that includes one of the police personnel] all these are games of politics and its dirtiness at its best.

Do not think there is a secret under the sun. May be some of you were young or out of political geography in 1983 when Kamuzu Banda and his minions planned the killing of four cabinet ministers at Thambani in Mwanza district, your president and probably many of your colleagues may have been in exile, you better ask me to school you what we have gone through.

Kamuzu Banda and his Malawi Congress Party were master tactians who could plan something and destroy all evidence. John Ngwiri, Mac J Kamwana, Maxwell Pashane and many others are victims. But immediately after the infamous brutality Malawians knew that it was Malawi Congress Party at its best of Satanism. By the power of divinity the car perched on a small tree thwarting the evil intention that people must not establish what exactly happened.

No government will escape, nor hide behind darkness after our dark history of 1964 to 1994, therefore you need to trade carefully otherwise the anger of 30 years may be poured upon you.

Honorable members in the cabinet it is our hope that you will feel deep in your human self that what you have done by stealing from the poor citizens, from the poor country, from your own motherland is wrong.

We will not blame you if sanity baptises you by coming into the open and surrender the money you stole so that no more lives are lost. It will not be wrong to step aside and go home to give or create space to young eloquent  and intelligent minds that are loitering around the streets of Malawi holding degrees to occupy the spaces for the development and service of our country.

Let me clarify myself in response to the phone call I received last night from anonymous number, some one speaking anglophobic tone intimidated me asking who do  I think I am writing such a letter to the Head of state yesterday. I will repeat what I told one of the secret agent from NIB in Windhoek Namibia when I was asked the same question.

[I am the bone fide citizen from Blantyre Rural West, I refuse to live knowing and seeing mess being done by either me or anyone else, to me black is black and white is white. In reply to the call and off course to reply you in the cabinet, “I refuse to be called a Malawian when I see that our government officials are doing wrong”. Malawi is for all of us, no one is a property of Malawi, Malawi is our property that we must take care of and make sure we preserve, defend and protect its integrity and nationhood. Do not expect that I will keep quite in as far as I remain a patriot and bona fide citizen. I better die speaking and voicing for my country than live huge in stupidity.

As I pen down I still call upon whoever know in his consciousness that  he/she is involved in the plunder of state resources to resign, to say that this entire cabinet is rotten is wrong there are sane people of good conscious in this cabinet. I appeal to you to help in wooing the seven to get out so that wheat can remain in the cabinet to serve the country.

In trying to please the President and show him that your government is powerful you will use state resources wastefully trying to locate me and seek my silence. Do not, it may serve well if you buy medicine in the hospitals or pay for diesel engines owned privately to add energy in your under capacity power grid to make my brothers and sisters have undisrupted lighting in their homes. My number is +27724407156 in South Africa.

Anticipating you will not take this letter as offensive but the tears, wailing, weeping and lamentations of 17 million citizens who are dying to see justice.

Sincerely I remain,

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
Citizen no. 16,999,999.

CC: His Excellency the President of the Republic of Malawi Professor Peter Mutharika
State House Kamuzu Palace
Plot no. 1
Capital City

       Lilongwe 3.

CC: The Right Honourable Saulosi Chilima Vice President of the Republic of Malawi
State House Kamuzu Palace
Plot no. 1
Capital City
Lilongwe 3.