Edward Chileka-Banda

OPEN LETTERS TO THE POWERFUL: I will Start with Hon Richard Msowoya MP, Speaker of the National Assembly

Friends, Colleagues and Comrades,

In fulfilment of my rights for free speech as enshrined in the Republican Constitution and an attempt to contribute towards nation building, I have decided to be dropping Open Letters to those that hold positions of influence across sectors. The letters will enable me communicate alternative views as to influence policy and practice as well as holding leaders accountable. Today I will launch the OPEN letters with one to Rt. Hon. Richard Msowoya, Speaker of the National assembly.

Dear Mr. Speaker Sir,

Better late than none. Congratulations to you for being elected to be speaker of Parliament for th e 2014-2019 House. This was a close election. It is a rare opportunity to be given such a role to head one of the three arms of government. While politics of numbers and affiliations might have played a big role in making you a Speaker, many including myself welcomed you and hoped you would use this opportunity to help build a better Malawi. I think many can agree that you have fairly done a good job in leading deliberations as other speakers have done before. Honestly as the tenure starts nosediving ahead of the 2019 polls, your performance is an average one, lacking new innovations and energy to provide oversight especially on public expenditure. During your tenure, audit reports have indicated that some members of parliament, your own members abused Constituency Development Fund (CDF) but the public has not seen your expected drive to push th is matter to conclusion. Issues relating to illegal sale and purchase of tractors in which you are implicated were raised in Parliament too but no word came from you and Parliament has not followed this up to the end.

This letter is not set to focus on your performance as speaker of Parliament but really to look how you may improve your contributions to nation building. Recently the transformation language seems to be your food since you ditched MCP for UTM. We all respect the choice.

But I am very worried with negative signs on your character, may be your political character. In my observation, your recent actions paint a picture that you are bent to block Dr. Chakwera from becoming president not necessarily your desire to help shape a new chapter for Malawi. Bitterness is what we see as driving your political choices. This is not what we the youth would love to learn from you. The if not me then not them mentality.

I also seem to notice a dangerous trait in you about entitlement. You seem so much appear like a man who feel a entitled for the next bigger office on your ladder and do not appreciate the fact that others can as well do it. This seems what drive you to impose yourself on positions even if it has to be someone else to decide. Your fights seem to be guided by the entitlement culture of I deserve this.

To me I see in you a great father with so much wisdom and potential for roles other than being running mate or presidential candidate if you are focused. You should learn that *dzuwa salozerana ayi*. If you work hard things will always come your way.

I conclude by saying, you are a capable candidate to champion values that will build us and as young people we can always come to you and seek guidance. Not learn vengeance.

Perhaps why don’t you think of fighting for another term of office as speaker in the next parliament and deliver more before seeking next high office? You aren’t in a hurry. Are you?

TO hear from you.